Trade Appraisal


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The USD to CAD exchange rate.
We do not deal with intermediaries or resellers, which saves us from paying a commission on
the sale price.


Find out how much your truck is worth today and get top dollar, thanks to our expertise as a direct

We are one of the largest direct vehicle exporters in Québec / Ontario! Because of the exchange rate between Canadian & US Dollars, we are able to help you get up to 30% more for your vehicle!

Sure there are lots of dealerships that say they'll export your vehicle to the States and get you a higher price, but did you know that the majority of those dealerships will sell your vehicle via an intermediary? Those intermediaries take a commission off the sale price of your vehicle, thus reducing your overall return.

Hawkesbury Chevrolet exports your vehicle without using any middlemen. In fact, we are the intermediary for many other dealerships!

Let us appraise your vehicle today, and keep the middleman's commission in your pocket!